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I, Ignatius Piazza, started Front Sight in April of 1996, on leased facilities near Bakersfield, California, with ten students in a two day defensive handgun course. Our purpose was clear: To provide students with the world's finest firearms training, in a safe and responsible environment so they could experience the freedom and comfort that is achieved through skill at arms. Our curriculum delivered a level of proficiency that far exceeded those who carry firearms for a living, yet all training was done without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes. Our results were impressive and in many cases, students reported that their experience at Front Sight was literally and positively life-changing.

We now train more students each year than all the other shooting schools in the US combined while we develop the world's greatest facilities on 550 acres near Las Vegas, Nevada and expand the finest instructional staff in ANY industry. All of this was done to date with cash flow and great word-of-mouth referrals.

The donations listed on this website only scratch the surface of why Dr. Ignatius Piazza's students refer to him as the Millionaire Patriot. The "Sense of Duty to Serve" and "Exchange in Abundance" business philosophies that rapidly drove us to the top of the firearms training industry and created an environment where all students receive much more than they expect remains the cornerstone of the Front Sight organization.

As we grew in strength and size each year, our ability to support other organizations that create a positive difference in the world grew as well. We are now in a position to assist any organization that promotes or defends the freedoms enjoyed in our great country or any organization that works diligently to improve the lives of all men, women, and children. If yours is such an organization, please contact us as we stand ready to help those who help others.

Dr Ignatius Piazza

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Cash and Benefits Donated to Date

Provide for the Families of those who have been killed or severely disabled during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with funds for immediate or long-term needs.

Fund a National Memorial dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives in our country’s War on Terror.

As the Global War on Terrorism continues through Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and beyond, grateful Americans want to express their gratitude to those who pay the ultimate price of death or disability.

We can never replace the loss of life or limb, but we can honor the sacrifices of these American Heroes by providing for their families and remembering the price they pay. This is what OPERATION FAMILY FUND was founded to do.