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Dear Dr. Piazza:

I want to personally thank you for your generous online contribution to the American Canoe Association (ACA). Knowing that you care enough about ACA and its mission to donate hard earned dollars is a great source of motivation to ACA staff and volunteers.

Your support will help ACA in its efforts to protect the places that make paddling so special to increase the voice and clout of paddlers, and to make the nation’s waterways more paddle friendly. Recent ACA accomplishments include, forcing dozens of illegal polluters into compliance, eliminating jet ski use on most national park waters, protecting wild arctic rivers from oil drilling impacts, supporting local waterway stewardship projects, securing waterway access, and publishing nationally acclaimed reports on jet ski impacts and on canoe and kayak safety.

As the ACA - now over 50,000 members strong - continues to grow, our ability to preserve the wonderful experience of paddling also grows. Clearly this process can not happen without the assistance provided each year by people like you, people who enjoy paddling and care about the future of our rivers, streams, lakes and coastal waters. You can be assured that the ACA will be hard at work making the most of every dollar, and making the world a better place to paddle.

Once again, your donation is most appreciated.


David E. Jenkins
Director of Conservation and Public Policy


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