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Dear Dr. Piazza:

Thank you so much for your recent contribution to Faith Trust Institute. Your support - and that of many hundreds of others - offers us daily inspiration, and is a strong affirmation that we are continuing to address the needs of healing and justice.

Your gift will be put to immediate use to support our ongoing work, including:

· Talking on such topics as the religious resources and roadblocks to ending domestic violence, clergy boundary issues, and what congregations can do to address child abuse.

· Developing and distributing multimedia training and education resources (in English and other languages) that address the religious aspects of domestic violence, sexual abuse by clergy, child abuse, and sexual assault.

· Providing consultation to denominations, congregations, and other religious organizations on policy development to address sexual abuse by clergy, child abuse, or domestic violence.

You will be receiving updates on our work in our newsletter, “Working Together” or you may check our website at Your support will help us all move toward a society free of violence and abuse. Thank you again for joining us in this important work.


Kathryn J. Johnson
Executive Director





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