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Dear Dr. Piazza:

WELCOME! It is an honor to welcome you as a new member of National Flag Foundation. Your contribution is acknowledged with appreciation.

You have become a part of the nationwide cadre of patriots who make possible the inspiring, educational thrusts which emanate from NFF to those who need to know about flag etiquette and the many persons, young and old, that want to know about our symbols, flags, etc.

It is a pleasure to send your membership credentials and packet. I hope you will enjoy being a part of this singular effort which broadcasts positive profiles about: America, her heroes, heritage and Flag. You are helping preserve the blessings of liberty for posterity and examples for tomorrow’s leaders.

Please let us hear from you whenever NFF can be of service and/or whenever you have an observation with regard to the work or function of NFF.

We’re honored to have you as a member and assure you that we shall endeavor to make it an enduring, cooperative and inspiring association.


Joyce J. Doody
Executive Director

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