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Dear Dr. Piazza,

On behalf of Friends of the NRA, please accept our thanks for your generous and continuous support.

Friends of the NRA is instrumental in promoting gun safety and education programs in communities around the United States. Funds are raised locally and are then in turn spent locally, which then assist dedicated NRA and other local volunteers from organizations such as FFA, Eddie Eagle, local gun clubs an others in providing a positive image for gun owners. Your support of our programs has been vital in helping us accomplish our goals. We feel these goals are very much in line with the long term goals of the Front Site Institute.

People like you are the reason so many volunteers give their time and effort to support our cause, and without the support of organizations like Front Sight we would not be nearly as effective as we are.

We look forward to your continued support.


Robert J. Deitz, II
Friends of the NRA Sponsor

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