Dear Dr. Piazza,

On behalf of the Officers and Board of Trustees of the Naval Special Warfare Foundation, it is my privilege and honor to express our sincere appreciation for the donation. It is through the generosity of Americans like you that our Foundation is able to serve our country’s SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen, and their families.

The Naval Special Warfare mission is to provide educational and motivational support, promote health and welfare programs for the Naval Special Warfare Community, and perpetuate the history and heritage of the U.S. Naval Commandos. Under our first pillar of education, we awarded $34,500 in educational grants to the children and wives of SEALs and SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen) in 2003. We are steadfast in our commitment to the families of our Teammates lost in combat and training – our second pillar. We offer financial planning services to the widows, but most important, our volunteers stand-ready to meet the families’ particular needs. In support of our third pillar of history and heritage, the Foundation co-publishes The Blast – Journal of Naval Special Warfare, and honors Frogmen from World War II to the present day SEAL with publicly displayed monuments.

We are extremely proud to announce our S.W.A.T. Tour was a complete success. S.W.A.T. is the acronym for SEAL Wives Against Terrorism. With the help of Zodiac of North America, ten SEAL wives transited by boat between the two sites that were attacked September 11th to paid tribute to four SEALs who lost their lives fighting terrorism. The women departed the Pentagon on 24 October and arrived at “Ground Zero” on 28 October 2003 after successfully navigating 350 mile. Of special significance is the fact that three of the women are the widows of SEALs who were killed in Afghanistan.

Seeing these widows smile and laugh for possibly the first time since losing their husbands confirms the worth of the endeavor. Each has renewed self-confidence after completing this trip.

The Naval Special Warfare Foundation is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501© non-profit organization. No goods or services received for your contribution.

You have demonstrated personal concern for those who serve our country as part of the Naval Special Warfare Community. Again, for the Foundation, please accept a sincere “Thank you” for your donation.

With Best Regards,

Robert M. Rieve
Senior Vice President