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Dear Ignatius,

Thank you for your recent contribution in support of our programs throughout the world, especially those in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Your combined financial support is critically important to us as we undertake a vast number of medical and disaster relief programs in dozens of countries and here at home, which last year totaled over $10 million to 32 countries. We are especially proud of our long-term development programs in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua and Cuba. Our USA programs focus on meeting the needs of America’s 44 medically uninsured through our Community Clinic Support Program, which now assist 200 community clinics in California.

Recent turmoil affects almost 125 million people: the Iraq war 28 million; the east and southern African droughts 20 million; turmoil in Afghanistan 26 million, and refugees and internally displaced people 40 million. Operation USA sent $1.7 million worth medical aid to Iraq. We just sent two cargo aircraft and two sea shipments to Iraq with emergency supplies to restock hospitals. After the earthquake in Bam, Iran, we sent over $1 million worth of supplies on a 747 cargo plane.

Since recovery from natural and manmade disasters takes years, not months, there are many important tasks for an international organization like Operation USA to undertake. In Turkey and Iran, Operation USA sent rescue equipment and medicine and is following up with assistance in rebuilding the weakened health care system. Programs of post-traumatic stress counseling were established in Taiwan, Turkey, Nicaragua, Peru and El Salvador. Medical equipment and clinical supplies strengthened health care systems in Cambodia, Vietnam, eastern Europe and throughout Africa.

Women and children are and have always been our main concern. Whether we are searching for new technologies to improve access for developing communities to clean water, shipping essential medicines and medical equipment of funding post-traumatic counseling programs, saving women and children and enriching lives is our goal.


Richard M. Walden
President & CEO

P. S. Please visit our website at http://www.opusa.org

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