We can't all be there to hold them, so let's give them something to hold on to.  --- a My Stuff bag!










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Dear Ignatius.

Thank you for caring about children in distress and for demonstrating it through your recent donation to the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation’s My Stuff™ Bags Program. Your gift will have an immediate, positive impact in the lives of children who must be rescued from terrible abuse and neglect, and who enter crisis and foster care with no belongings and little hope.

Because of the generosity and concern of people like you, the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation was able to deliver 73,000 My Stuff™ Bags to children all across America in 2003, and hopes to do even more in 2004. Since nearly 300,000 children enter foster and crisis care each year, often without so much as a toothbrush or a teddy bear, we must keep increasing our efforts so that each and every one has some new “stuff” to hold on to.

The message of a My Stuff™ Bag, for each child receiving one, is simply this: lots and lots of people care about you. It’s a profound message to a hurting child, and one that can’t be conveyed without your help. If this is your first time contributing to our program, we thank you for joining this important mission. If you are one of the many Foundation friends who continue to play a part in the “miracle” of My Stuff™ Bags, we hope you know by now how very grateful we are to those who make this program possible, and the significant difference we are making in the lives of children.

On behalf of Dr. Laura, the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation and most importantly the children we serve, I send sincere gratitude for your contribution to the My Stuff™ Bag program.


Janeen Holmes
Executive Director

IRS regulations require us to note that the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation provided no goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for your contribution.


©2003 The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation