"Healing Crippled Hearts"
National Masonic Foundation
for Children
Dear Dr. Piazza:

We have received your contribution to our organization, and we are very grateful.

Our Masonic Model program uses a positive approach to help educators, on a daily basis in our communities, fulfill a key role in today’s America. Threatened young people are helped to become productive and healthy adults.

We work hard to stop alcohol and drug abuse before it begins. We train educators to identify children in pain - and to interrupt any downward cycle before it can take hold. Through this unique training, we have seen over a half million school children be given a better chance for a constructive life. We know that the Masonic Model program has been very effective in California.

Again, we are thankful to have our work supported.

Sincerely and fraternally,

W. Don Baugher
Executive Director


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