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Dear Dr. Piazza:

Thank you for your generous help to homeless children. Because of support like yours, Holt served thousands of children in 2003, and 1,084 of those children now have permanent, adoptive families in the United States. What an incredible change for each child and family.

Unfortunately, for tens of thousands more children around the world, their lives did not change. That is why your gift this month is so important. Because while Holt is celebrating with those children who now have families, we continue to see the despair of homeless children every day. Your gift will help ensure that many of these children will receive the help they need in 2004.

Would you consider helping the children in one more way? Holt International is now looking for more families to adopt children from China. Perhaps you have friends or loved ones that may be interested. Thank you again for you’re your gift and for the difference a child will experience this year because of you.

For the children,

R. David Cousineau
President & CEO

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