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Dear Dr. Piazza:

Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution to Children’s Hospice International (CHI). Gifts such as yours help us to continue to better meet the needs of children with life-threatening conditions and their families.

Hospice care for children is about life and living - it provides medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support to children with life-threatening conditions and their families - helping them to face the possibility of death with understanding, dignity and quality of life.

Your contribution enables us to continue to encourage the development of children’s hospice programs in pediatric care facilities, to encourage the inclusion of children in existing and developing hospice and home care programs, and to include the hospice perspectives in all areas of pediatric care, education and the public arena. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

This letter will serve as your receipt for tax purposes. Please be advised that Children’s Hospice International has provided no substantial goods or services in consideration of your contribution.

Warmest regards,

Ann Armstrong-Dailey
Founding Director, CEO


Children's Hospice International; 901 North Pitt St, Suite 230; Alexandria, VA 22314; USA; 1-800-2-4-CHILD; 703-684-0330