Dear Dr. Piazza,

Thank you for your very generous gift to the children who seek refuge at Children of the Night. I wish you could see firsthand the specialized care afforded the children we are able to serve because of your gift.

Life is very structured, here in the shelter, and our on-site school helps our children achieve the hard work necessary to make life changing decisions. Our counselors provide them with the necessary support to help them escape their horrid pasts. For most of our children, life at Children of the Night represents their first chance at childhood.

Your gift, will help us continue providing an alternative to life on the streets. Your selfless giving provides these children with hope and a way out of a dreadful lifestyle.

We canít do the work we do, here at Children of the Night, without you. And appreciation of your gift is seen time after time on the faces of these special children as they realize that there is someone who cares. Thank you for caring and sharing,

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lois Lee

P.S. Thanks so much - Lois