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Dear Dr. Ignatius,

Itís because of gifts like that you just sent in that weíre able to help people in need. My heart was so touched the other day when an American Indian lady with 5 children came to us, asking for help. They hadnít eaten in 2 days! Because of your help, and the help of my other friends, we were able to give them a food box.

Dr. Ignatius, can you imagine 5 little Indian children not eating for TWO DAYS!

I canít thank you enough for helping to make it possible for us to give them food.

The sad fact is that itís not just that little mother and her childrenÖ more people are relying on us now for food because they just canít make it on what they have. At a time like that, when people do not have food to eatÖ or havenít eaten in 2 daysÖ I canít judge them. And many people just canít help it! Some have been sick and arenít physically able to work right now. They must have food so they can regain their strength to work again in the future, some others live in small communities here on reservation where employment is seasonal at best. Itís not my place to judgeÖ but to give them whatever food or clothing or supplies we have available. Thank you so much for enabling us to have food to give them. God bless you for helping our Indian brothers and sisters.

A friend of Indian Children,

Blessed Cloud

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