Dear Dr. Piazza,

Thank you so much for visiting “” and making a generous donation to support the important work being done at our wonderful Rehabilitation Center (ALYN HOSPITAL) in Jerusalem. We truly appreciate your very generous gift which confirms for me that just as our special patients make progress one step at a time, we help them do that one gift at a time.

This has been an incredible year for our center in Israel! Christopher Reeve’s visit was most definitely a highlight as was our fourth annual Charity Bike Ride, the WHEELS OF LOVE, which had over 160 riders (more than 50 Americans!!) riding 250 miles over 5 days through Israel to support our special children. There were big and small moments at Alyn, however, it is the small ones that most touch my heart… a child’s first step, a mother’s smile and a father’s emotional thank you.

I am delighted to welcome you to the wonderful family of friends that insures that we can continue to have beautiful moments like these. May the new year bring continued hope and independence to those that come to Alyn seeking our unique combination of love and expertise and may it bring health and happiness to you and your family.

With my deepest gratitude,

Cathy Lanyard
Executive Director


2002, American Friends of ALYN Hospital